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Debating on what project to do to add value to your home? Wood flooring….

The great debate on what will add value to your home. Will the investment be worth it?  Is it better to sell it the way it is and let the new owners change it?   Paint?  wood/laminate flooring? or other projects? 

Let me tackle the question on selling without making the updates.  There are things to consider so ask yourself some questions.

1. If you were looking at this home with fresh eyes in it's current condition would you buy it at the price you plan to sell at?  

2. Was this a project you had been thinking of doing before you had thought of selling?

3. Have you consulted a realtor in your area on features that are hot buttons for buyers?

4. If you are looing at a few projects do you have the time to get them done before selling? Possibly scale back to only 1-2 Key projects.

Some will find that there home value when selling in this current market is good and they are satisfied, but hope to get higher offers.  Some projects like flooring and fresh paint for the minimal investment can really add alot of value and the benefit of a higher listing price, without just hoping for higher offers.  A little effort, a little investment, for more interest, and a quicker sale can be yours and is worth the energy, time and money.

So what projects do this and are there some that won't add to the value?  Depending on where you live, these projects could vary. It is best to talk to a realtor to find out what is adding more value to list prices and what buyers are talking about.  Then make your decision. 

Below is a before and after photo from lumber liquidators blog. They are proponents of real wood flooring. However, you can get spectacular results with wood laminate as well and depending on your budget and what you want either would be a great option.

For those in the Pacific Northwest, give me a call to come out and I will help you decide if doing these projects would add value to your home when you sell. 


Posted on May 26, 2016 at 11:41 am
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