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Restaurant Menus

Some restaurants have such fantastic food and venues that we like to have it at hand in case we want to plan events, order out or just make a decision on where to go at any given time.  

The first menu here is for the Sunbreak Cafe.  There is no website for the Sunbreak, but it is in downtown Auburn by the trainstation.  

I can almost here the clamoring as the words Sunbreak Cafe are uttered.  Anytime the someone asks about going somewhere for breakfast the Sunbreak Cafe is brought up and talked about.  They are in downtown Auburn Washington, and people talk about their wonderful lunch sandwiches and soups, however, the real talk is about the breakfasts.  They have no website, they are not big on social media, but they don't need to be, since we all advertise for them.  However, when you want to see what they have you can find photos of the food and even a menu..LUNCH ONLY.  Why? The breakfast menu deserves as much attention.  So in my search and need I decide to get it and share this.  It is posted on my Windermere Website permanetly under MORE>Resources for Buyers.  As well I am sharing here and on my Facebook pages.  This is a PDF document. ENJOY 🙂