More About Me

Hello, I am Kristen Campbell

I was born in Seattle and grew up in the Pacific NW. The beauty of our landscape from the awe inspiring mountains, eastern Washington’s warm desert like quality to our magnificent coast is what keeps drawing people here and what keeps true NW lovers here rain or shine. I love the variety of our state, the activities and the people. We gladly share with any who ask about the “Seattle” area.

Personal Background:

I went to Central Washington University & attained a Bachelor of Arts in Clothing design & a minor in Fine Art. I love beauty in all forms & continued through the years going back to school for interior design as well as received a AAAS in Graphic Design. I'm a wife and the mother of two grown children. My husband’s family moved to Washington when he was four. A little fun fact, although we didn’t meet until many years later, we went to Junior and Senior High together and graduated in the same class.

As an artist/designer, I love of all that involves creativity and learning new skills. Whether it is baking, gardening, DIY projects or glassblowing.  We enjoy wine tasting, brewing beer, traveling and local entertainment throughout the area.

Business Background:

I’m a dedicated, energetic, get it done type of person. I am able to see the full picture & plan fully to get things done quickly and efficiently as possible. I have spent 29 years working with clients focusing on meeting their needs and have integrity, as well as strong personal and professional ethics. I take great pride in caring for each person as if close family or friend, taking them through the transaction with care, consideration, communication & with as much ease as possible.
I am known as a consistent leader with a reputation for tenaciously protecting my clients’ interests as well as my negotiating and marketing skills. I believe in developing relationships with my clients. They are not just a “transaction” but a relationship that I continue to grow and develop for many years. My goal is to go a above and beyond to provide exceptional value, service & results.

I can help you with any needs: relocation within or out of state, investment property, vacation homes as well as listing or buying homes. Give me a call, I am available by phone, email, & text. Happy to answer any questions, help give direction or referrals for you may need.