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Contingent to Now Pending in Lake Tapps

The market has been seeing change we are now back to a regular more balanced market.  This beautiful home in Lake Tapps went from contingent to now pending.

With the market change when thinking of selling you need a good plan on what to do to your home in advance, a good marketing strategy to last the entire time you are on the market and a knowledgeable realtor with great negotiation skills.  Someone that you can trust to handle a major event in your life to help make it as smooth as possible.  Call me to talk if your planning to list any time within the next year.   Follow me on Twitter and instagram @PNWrealty . or on Facebook Kristen Campbell- Windermere Lake Tapps Inc.

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Free New Home Buyers Class


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Seller 22D (optional Clauses).. Seller cleaning clause.. what does that mean???


Those that have ever been on the buying side of a home are so excited and look forward to the day they get to move in.  They have dreamed of it, imagined where the furniture goes and the pictures they plan to put up.  They think I have the weekend to move and put togther my home and then SCHREECH!!!! put on the brakes!!  They walk in for the first time that everything is out.  The oven and refrigerator are not clean, there is a random trash can not removed, the carpets were not vacuumed. Some toilets appear to be less than scrubbed. There is a lawn mower, and paint in the garage.  They left the curtains that they did not like by the way! The realtor is called about how horrible it is.

The 22D states that the home should be in the same state as when viewed and rubish and debris removed from the home.  So yes, the one bathroom garbage that was left was to be gone.

But WAIT…  People are human. We make mistakes. They are just as excited to leave to a new home, a new state. Someone in their cleaning party AKA family forgot the garbage.

Some are thinking, hmmm?? what about the toilets and kitchen appliances?  I would have to agree, I personally feel that they should be scrubbed clean.  Even if I never met the new owners I wouldn’t want them to think I didn’t clean my home well and I would want to show them decency to clean.

However, I also know that not everyone has the same version of clean.  Some really believe they did clean and their version is much different and their expectations moving to a new home are slightly different.  Others, they believe clean is deep cleaning of everything.  There are those that no matter how clean the home is they WILL clean it all over again.

Some agents will provide pre-move in cleaning or some would say Post cleaning for those that sell. Those are benefits that a full service agent can offer.

How do we handle the emotions and expectations of the new buyer’s disappointment in the cleanliness of the home?  Each family is individual, so there is not set way to correct this situation.

Some feel a cleaning checklist should be provided to the seller’s, some feel the agent should pay for the move out cleaning. Some are willing to accept that people aren’t perfect and have different versions of clean. That can mean really bad to really good, but either way those people just plan on cleaning regardless so they know it’s been done to their satisfaction.

In the end, seller cleaning is not specific, it is not defined and seller cleaning has many definitions.  For thos selling, think about how you would like to see the house when you move into your new home. Buyers, the home may not be as clean as you like it, but it is yours. Remember we are all human and sometimes things are forgotten or just not something each person would value as something to clean. I would say expect to clean (because you know how you clean), expect some left over paint because they think they are helping you. The extra lumber is there again because they think you may want it.

Selling and Buying has some challenges, but let us remember we are all human, and things happen. Hopefully, your agent will step up to help in any way they can, otherwise have a coke/coffee/adult beverage take a deep breathe and dig in.. This is your new home and you will be making it special.

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Mutual contract on review date…just 5 days from listing

Don’t wait to list.  Do you still have concerns?  Worried about the timeline and what your home is currently worth?  A full service broker can help.  I love to meet potential clients to go through questions before we work together.  You may be a couple weeks, a month or two away from listing and getting what you need to move forward on your next home adventure.  Call me to schedule 425-891-4468


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April Home Connection Update

The April Home Connection Update provides area happenings for the month, tips, important dates for the month and the Eye on the Market update.

This current update also has local area farmers markets and information on celebrating Earth Day.  Enjoy.

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New vacant land listing

Great opportunity to build something custom.  8800 sq ft corner lot. Partially cleared, great access to the highways.  Minutes from a bus and to shopping, entertainment and activities.  Sewer on the property, electric, water and gas available in the stree.  Gas lines run on both 360th & 32nd, giving more ability to hook up.  County will allow stick built home, manufactured or even a tiny house as long as they are hooked up.  Buyer to verify all details and do a feasibility.

Call if you have any other questions.  This vacant land will go fast. 60K  MLS #1262915 .    Kristen 425-891-4468

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Buyer demand still outpacing supply of homes for sale

This article all though fantastic for seller’s when planning to sell, it does strike fear if you are looking to find a home.

Each seller/buyer when it comes to purchasing are each individually different. Each person’s needs, their loan type, their available cash/down payment, timelines , whether they are moving up or down and where in the state will are vary wildly.

Working with a real estate professional that knows how to navigate these situations will be key to you getting a home. It may not be as quick, but eventually you will win.

Seller’s this is an excellent time to sell, and don’t let the concern over finding a new home keep you off the market. Having a broker that understands your concerns will be able to help you sell and help you without fear of not finding your perfect next home.

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Do your decks look like mine? Time to start thinking of refinishing?

Do any of your decks looks like mine? I see an upcoming post on refinishing decks this spring. Whether you just want them to look good or are getting ready to sell decks make a statement. Do you prefer semi-transparent, opaque stain, or paint? Any best brands or suggestions for those planning to research?
(This picture is my deck and dog Tank. 🙂 )

Somethings wrong mommy… There is sun.. FYI Decks need refinishing.


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Fabulous retirement property-Congratulations!!

Fabulous retirement property on Anderson Island!!  This property is amazing and I had the opprotunity to work with Rebecca and Dave on getting this prime piece for their retirement years.  I am so honored and thankful they chose me to represent them in this purchase.  Have a great time 🙂

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