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Seller cleaning Part 2

Yesterday I posted an article about seller cleaning.  Today the goal is to provide a basic checklist that will help the seller fulfill their part of the contract and also provide a satisfying move in experience for the buyers as well.

Even though most know about when they need to be packed up and moved out, there is the  added part of cleaning.  Many do well cleaning to leave thier home, some are in a rush and don’t put alot of effort into it and other’s as mentioned yesterday just have a different version of clean.

Here is a checklist you should plan on doing for your move out day (some items can be done as you pack):

  • Wipe down cabinets on the outside and clean the shelving off on the inside
  • Self Clean the oven inside and clean off the outside
  • Clean inside and out of the microwave
  • Clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator and freezer
  • Sweep and mop all floors
  • Vacuum all carpets
  • dump all garbage cans
  • Dust off remaining attached shelving, window sills, anything that appears to be dusty
  • Wipe down the walls that larger furniture may have been in front of they can be dusty as well
  • Clean out the sinks
  • Clean the tubs and toilets
  • remove lint from dryer
  • Sweep garage


There is also the detail of items being left ie: lumber, paint, freezers, old vacuums, lawn mowers, or other large objects that you decide you cannot move like sofas, large hutches or pianos.  If you have not already confirmed through the realtors that the new buyers want the larger objects you should remove, sell or dispose of these items.

Lumber and CURRENT paint cans can be left.  However, not 20 cans that have been used over 30 years. I am sure none of you have done this, or had it done to you ( toungue in cheek here). There are places oil and stains can be taken to for safe disposal.  Acrylic, waterbased paints should be opened to dry out.  I do suggest the paints you should dry out well before you list your home so they are not an issue and already thrown away.

Hopefully this will help you at some point and or help a friend if you share this.

Thank you


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Seller 22D (optional Clauses).. Seller cleaning clause.. what does that mean???


Those that have ever been on the buying side of a home are so excited and look forward to the day they get to move in.  They have dreamed of it, imagined where the furniture goes and the pictures they plan to put up.  They think I have the weekend to move and put togther my home and then SCHREECH!!!! put on the brakes!!  They walk in for the first time that everything is out.  The oven and refrigerator are not clean, there is a random trash can not removed, the carpets were not vacuumed. Some toilets appear to be less than scrubbed. There is a lawn mower, and paint in the garage.  They left the curtains that they did not like by the way! The realtor is called about how horrible it is.

The 22D states that the home should be in the same state as when viewed and rubish and debris removed from the home.  So yes, the one bathroom garbage that was left was to be gone.

But WAIT…  People are human. We make mistakes. They are just as excited to leave to a new home, a new state. Someone in their cleaning party AKA family forgot the garbage.

Some are thinking, hmmm?? what about the toilets and kitchen appliances?  I would have to agree, I personally feel that they should be scrubbed clean.  Even if I never met the new owners I wouldn’t want them to think I didn’t clean my home well and I would want to show them decency to clean.

However, I also know that not everyone has the same version of clean.  Some really believe they did clean and their version is much different and their expectations moving to a new home are slightly different.  Others, they believe clean is deep cleaning of everything.  There are those that no matter how clean the home is they WILL clean it all over again.

Some agents will provide pre-move in cleaning or some would say Post cleaning for those that sell. Those are benefits that a full service agent can offer.

How do we handle the emotions and expectations of the new buyer’s disappointment in the cleanliness of the home?  Each family is individual, so there is not set way to correct this situation.

Some feel a cleaning checklist should be provided to the seller’s, some feel the agent should pay for the move out cleaning. Some are willing to accept that people aren’t perfect and have different versions of clean. That can mean really bad to really good, but either way those people just plan on cleaning regardless so they know it’s been done to their satisfaction.

In the end, seller cleaning is not specific, it is not defined and seller cleaning has many definitions.  For thos selling, think about how you would like to see the house when you move into your new home. Buyers, the home may not be as clean as you like it, but it is yours. Remember we are all human and sometimes things are forgotten or just not something each person would value as something to clean. I would say expect to clean (because you know how you clean), expect some left over paint because they think they are helping you. The extra lumber is there again because they think you may want it.

Selling and Buying has some challenges, but let us remember we are all human, and things happen. Hopefully, your agent will step up to help in any way they can, otherwise have a coke/coffee/adult beverage take a deep breathe and dig in.. This is your new home and you will be making it special.

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Get the highest value for your home… Have a real estate consultation and get the facts first.


You know you are going to list your home in a week, a month or two. You have a plan, just a few more items to do in the house and in the yard, then you will contact the real estate agent. Is this really the best way to get the most for your home??

You have heard the market is moving fast, there is low inventory, you are ready to sell now and there isn’t much to it other than cleaning and some lawncare. You should be able to sell for top dollar fast and easy, right?

Unfortunately, many are used to selling this way in the past. Things have changed and even though in some areas of our state things are selling so rapidly people think a nice clean home and mowed lawn will give them their list price, this is not the case in every location.

Each home sells in a price range based on location, property conditions, upgrades etc. Not all homes in your neighborhood or local area are created equal. Home values on many popular sites have a large error factor in both directions. Your home may be worth more or less than what you see. Real estate agents have the tools to get accurate information.

Your home may be very clean and organized, and you want to sell rapidly for that list price you hope to get. There are small things that can be done to increase your home value, and even small investments that will get you much more in return.

Working with a real estate agent at least 1-2 months in advance to listing allows you to get a clearer more accurate picture of values in your area. Your real estate broker can walk through your home and evaluate the condition, suggest upgrades and help you learn some other items that will increase actual value and perceived value. In addition, real estate agents can help point out some items that will help your home pass inspection.

Working with a full-service agent can provide the following:

*The right price for the condition of the home

*Things that will greatly increase the perceived value: fresh paint, carpet cleaning, staging.

*Things that you would have done if you stayed: new flooring, upgraded countertops or backsplash in kitchen and bathrooms. These items if you work with your agent can be done with some expense, however, the return at closing will allow you to pay it off and reap the extra money from the upgrades.

*Staging whether it is accessory staging, or full home staging make the house stand out.

*Quality professional photography is a major factor in getting people to come visit your home. Let’s be honest you have all seen those dark, fuzzy, sideways photos on listings. Close-ups of the interesting chandelier and a decorative tile in the bathroom should not be the focal point of your photos.

Like homes, not all agents are created equal. Meet with them, see if they provide you with the data to help you navigate the home selling/buying process for our current market.

Do they communicate well with you from day one, are they available, do you feel that you can understand what they are talking about? Do you feel they would do the best job for you?

Don’t take on the selling process on your own, let the professionals help you since they have the knowledge and experience. Meet early with the real estate agent of your choice to get the highest value for your home.

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Debating on what project to do to add value to your home? Wood flooring….

The great debate on what will add value to your home. Will the investment be worth it?  Is it better to sell it the way it is and let the new owners change it?   Paint?  wood/laminate flooring? or other projects? 

Let me tackle the question on selling without making the updates.  There are things to consider so ask yourself some questions.

1. If you were looking at this home with fresh eyes in it's current condition would you buy it at the price you plan to sell at?  

2. Was this a project you had been thinking of doing before you had thought of selling?

3. Have you consulted a realtor in your area on features that are hot buttons for buyers?

4. If you are looing at a few projects do you have the time to get them done before selling? Possibly scale back to only 1-2 Key projects.

Some will find that there home value when selling in this current market is good and they are satisfied, but hope to get higher offers.  Some projects like flooring and fresh paint for the minimal investment can really add alot of value and the benefit of a higher listing price, without just hoping for higher offers.  A little effort, a little investment, for more interest, and a quicker sale can be yours and is worth the energy, time and money.

So what projects do this and are there some that won't add to the value?  Depending on where you live, these projects could vary. It is best to talk to a realtor to find out what is adding more value to list prices and what buyers are talking about.  Then make your decision. 

Below is a before and after photo from lumber liquidators blog. They are proponents of real wood flooring. However, you can get spectacular results with wood laminate as well and depending on your budget and what you want either would be a great option.

For those in the Pacific Northwest, give me a call to come out and I will help you decide if doing these projects would add value to your home when you sell. 


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Top 10 Reasons Sellers Should Stage Their Home

This is an excellent article I read in RE Magazine regarding the top 10 reasons sellers should stage their homes: 

written by Lisa Poundstone:


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Thinking of Selling? Tips to Prepare and get the best value for you home

housefinal [Recovered]

Preparing to sell can be very overwhelming, especially if you know you have projects such as a remodel or repairs that are needed.  The following are tips that may help you prepare and move through the process and avoid stress.

  1. Write a list of what you need to do:

 Larger projects:

  • Mini makeover in a bathroom-countertop/ sinks/ faucets
  • Replacing a patio door whose seal has lost integrity
  • Replacing broken fence boards and sanding decks
  • Fresh topsoil
  • Earthquake straps for water heater and drip tray
  • Carbon monoxide detectors (check to see requirements for you style of home)
  • Painting and organizing and de-cluttering .


Small projects you want to start as soon as possible- pay attention to the small details:

Tip- start with one smaller room, or the space that is used less often.

  • Donate items you haven’t used in 12 months
  • Throw away items that are broken and damaged
  • Shred and dispose of paperwork that is no longer needed
  • Consider a temporarily storage facility – This will show how much space your home has.
  • Dust Blinds
  • Wash curtains
  • Wash windows
  • Make sure all lightbulbs work
  • Dust baseboards and trim
  • Clean appliances
  • Carpets cleaned
  • Straighten contents in closets
  • Air out rooms-open the windows, or use a home scent such as vanilla ( you don't want something overwhelming)

        2.    Decide when you would want to put it on the market- this is your ready to list date.

  • Call contractors if needed to get quotes and timelines and start scheduling.
  • Get costs on items needed for repairs and DIY projects.Set your timeline to get work done before your ready to list date.

         3. Call your realtor to schedule a time to discuss when you want to list your home

  • 1-3 months before you sell is best so there is plenty of time to get ready. You will be well informed and avoid undue stress.


If you find that you need help or suggestions of who to call for help, contact your real estate agent. Typically, they have a list of resources for you to use plus great tips and ideas that will help you along the way.

As you get closer to your ready to go date you will want to consider staging your home to show.You may want to bring in a professional home stager or get tips from you agent.

Remember, you are not alone in this. Your real estate agent is there for you to help you along the way to preparing your house to sell.

Have a great day,



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